My work is created to support a mission of encouraging, refreshing, enriching creative thinking and inspiring people.  I aim to build awareness and appreciation for the human experience.  Add my art to your collection today.
  1. Faraday's Popcorn Factory
    Faraday's Popcorn Factory
    1st Printing of my first novel, Cloth-bound edition with dust jacket. Brand new. Pristine. Signed by me. (Provide wording for personalized inscription.) Praise for Faraday's Popcorn Factory: “A hopeful tale of love’s power to heal, to create, and to transform.” –Mosaic Magazine “Faraday’s Popcorn Factory introduces readers to a vivid small-town world where childhood reminiscences and romantic visions meet.” -- Washington Post “With this rich novel comes a creation story, a hero’s journal and transformation, and a heroine’s understanding of life and love.” –San Antonio Express “Elegantly cosmic, Gould’s novel is a meditation on the wonders of being and a declaration of purpose and above all, love.” --John A. Williams, author of Click Song and The Man Who Cried I Am “Welcome, Sandra Gould! Faraday’s Popcorn Factory is a delightful, original and big-hearted love story.” –Hilma Wolitzer, author of Tunnel of Love, Silver, Introducing Shirley Brave and Toby Lived Here “Sandra Lee Gould is more than a gifted writer. She’s a griot, a myth maker, a shaper of dreams for the new millennium. In this gorgeously written tale that is both simple and complex, both heartbreaking and hopeful, lies a vision of a world that we need as desperately as we need peace, prosperity, and love.” --Reginald McKnight, author of Moustapha’s Eclipse, I Get On the Bus, and White Boys and Other Stories “Faraday’s Popcorn Factory is an enchanting novel, a book for the new age, for all ages, a gem to be enjoyed.” –Oscar Hijuelos