Each Day Becomes My Best

  1. The Keys to Success
    31 Dec, 2016
    The Keys to Success
    The six essential keys to success are: Sincerity Personal Integrity Humility Courtesy Wisdom Charity I jotted this list on a scrap of file folder so long ago, the ink is fading.  While I never knew the source, these "seven intentions" of success are from Tom and Kate Chappell's book Managing Upside Down:   Connect to Goodness Know Yourself – search until you find your authentic self and the unique contribution that only you can gift the world Envision Your Destiny –match your special talent
  2. Choosing Pumpkins
    10 Oct, 2015
    Choosing Pumpkins
    Have you ever walked through giant, heart –shaped leaves in search of the pumpkin (or anything else) that’s right for you?  The Apple Castle Farm  in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania has sold fruits since the Civil War.   And I suspect that each spring the farmers must take special pleasure in planting the seeds while anticipating the searches that autumn will bring.  Under broad blue on a warm September afternoon, a dozen folks and I rode a hay wagon past apple trees, dozing pigs, children riding